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Software engineer with over 10 years of professional experience across a full-stack of technologies with a first-class masters and PhD in pure mathematics.

Specialising in iOS development, I have a strong understanding of Objective-C, many of Apple’s frameworks, and their design patterns.

Contact me via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

You can also read my blog, or see my code on GitHub.


First published: 15th January 2014
Bank even easier, anywhere, anytime, with the CommBank app - our best banking app yet.
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The fresh new design with handy shortcuts makes doing your everyday banking, like checking your accounts and transferring money, a breeze.

  • With the CommBank app you can:
  • Log on faster by creating a 4-digit PIN;
  • Have the option to quickly check your balance with a simple swipe (no PIN required);
  • Use shortcuts to check your balance and transfer money;
  • Pay anyone using just their mobile number, email address or Facebook contact, without needing their account details;
  • Pay new and existing BPAY® billers (and even use the BPAY QR code scanner);
  • Make contactless purchases wherever MasterCard® PayPass™ is accepted using just your phone and CommBank PayTag;
  • Activate your new cards or change your card PIN instantly;
  • Find your nearest CommBank ATM or branch and see which ones are available in real time;
  • Use other convenient tools and calculators such as the foreign exchange converter;
  • Access other apps and sites from CommBank; and
  • Find help, support and ways to contact us.
First published: 4th January 2014
The UBS Neo Talk app is one of a suite of fully integrated UBS Neo apps and is designed to allow you to collaborate with your key UBS contacts, while on the move.
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UBS Neo Talk allows you to:

  • Start a direct conversation with UBS employees you already know or experts you find from the UBS Neo app.
  • Never miss a conversation – UBS Neo Talk is synced directly with your desktop
  • Receive alerts, the moment someone replies
  • Group chat – add your colleagues and UBS people to conversations on specific topics
First published: 16th February 2013
UBS Neo is your personal network of real-time market intelligence that you can control and trade on. UBS Neo brings you the very best of UBS Investment Bank — our people, our content, and our trading services.
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The UBS Neo app, available via iPad® and iPhone®, syncs directly with your UBS Neo desktop, so that you can:

  • View sales & trading commentaries and Research from UBS experts that you already follow
  • Find and follow new authors, topics and publications
  • Watch video updates from your favourite UBS experts
  • Find UBS people using the powerful online search tool
  • The UBS Neo app ensures you can find and follow the experts you are interested in, wherever they are located, and connects you directly to their insights, market colour and award-winning Research

    First published: 2nd February 2013
    The UBS Neo Research App provides institutional clients speedy access to UBS’s award-winning Investment Bank Research anytime, anywhere.
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    With powerful online search, regional filtering and a clearly categorized menu structure, find exactly what you need. You will have access to:

    • The full UBS Investment Bank Research library
    • Securities, Economics, & Macro Strategy Research Reports and audio podcasts
    • Core Products including Key Calls, Q-Series®, Global I/O®, Macro Keys
    • Offline reading supported for both summaries and full-length reports
    First published: 14th May 2012
    Samsung challenges the world to get moving and pledges to donate £1 for every mile run whilst using their App.
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    On your marks, get set, take part.

    Take part in the Samsung Hope Relay and you might just see your very own avatar used in Samsung ads. All you need to do is simply download the app, create your avatar and start logging your miles - it couldn't be easier.

    To help raise money for charities, such as Kids Company and International Inspiration, Samsung will be donating one pound for every mile run. So, it's time to get running!

    First published: 28th February 2012
    Curatr App converts your company's eLearning material into a social game.
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    Curatr is the home of Rich, Active and Social eLearning. Use this iPad app to connect to your demo or classroom account, completely free of charge. The app includes all the features of the desktop environment allowing you to access your learning objects, curate your collections and interact with your classmates.

    A replacement of the original universal app, this version is iPad only.

    First published: 31st May 2011
    A simple and practical real-time London Underground App.
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    App Store statistics:

    • Featured on the App Store home page in six countries
    • Number 1 paid Travel App
    • Number 1 most grossing Travel App
    • 3rd most popular paid App in the UK overall
    • 53rd most grossing Overall App
    • Top of the iTunes travel "New and Noteworthy" section


    Whether you just want to know how to get home, or how many trains are running on the Central line on a saturday afternoon (66, by the way), Tube Tracker will provide everything you need to upgrade your ‘tourist’ status to ‘Commuter’.

    Tube Tracker is focused on providing the most current and detailed information about every train and every line on the Tube network. Our servers remain in constant contact with TfL, requesting live information every few seconds. Behind the scenes, we analyse the data and provide more useful information for travellers. For example, not every platform has a departure board, but Tube Tracker is able to create one by examining inbound trains from neighbouring stations.

    There are a plethora of features that even work offline. For instance, using just a GPS location, we can guide you to any station by telling you how far away you are, and in which direction you need to walk.

    Also, Tube Tracker is the first and only app which allows your friends to track the progress of your journey - simply send them a tracking link before you go underground, or use the platform WiFi.

    Tube Tracker is available now worldwide on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, for iOS 5 or later, from the App Store for £1.99.

    First published: 4th August 2013
    In real-time, view the London Underground trains as they trickle their way through their journey.
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    App Store statistics:

    • Featured on the App Store home page in two countries on launch
    • The 2nd best free travel app
    • 106th most popular App in the UK overall


    Evening Standard, Londonist, Gizmodo, The Guardian, MSN Tech, Time Out, TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, T3, CBS Outdoor UK, Clean Technica, Treehugger, Commuting Expert, My Glass Eye, London Unlocked, App Pro, WJ London, Digital Spy, 148 Apps, App gefarhen [German], Urban News [French], The Brazilian Post [Brazilian], iPhone Italia [Italian]

    The Tube map has been brought to life like never before!

    Tube Map Live shows Tube trains as they trickle their was across the London Underground map.

    All the data is provided by Transport for London, so is as accurate as they are (note that this isn't always very accurate and sometimes Strange Things may happen!)

    First published: 28th March 2015
    Discover a great book every day
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    Let us help you find wonderful books by removing every distraction

    First published: 10th December 2013
    Calculate the time difference between two countries with this delightful user interface.
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    What time will it be in New York when it is 4pm in Sydney?
    Are they ahead or behind?
    Are they in daylight savings time? Are we?!

    With this App, you will never need to worry about questions like this again!

    Easily select cities from the map, or search our list.

    Once you've selected a couple, you instantly see their times, who is ahead, and by how much.

    But what time will it be there when it is 3pm here? Just swipe around the local clock to 3pm and the other clock will update with the answer!

    First published: 27th October 2013
    An interactive clock component for use in iOS projects.
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    To use this component, add both 'ALDClock.h' and 'ALDClock.m' to your project, and then '#import "ALDClock.h"' into your own class. Create an instance of the clock by:

    ALDClock *clock = [[ALDClock alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.bounds];

    and add it to your view.

    You can also add this project to yours by using CocoaPods. To do this, add the following line to your Podfile:

    pod 'ALDClock`, '~>2.0'

    First published: 30 May 2013
    A clean display of the number of days until (or since) an event.
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    First published: 17th September 2011
    Learn how to communicate with your baby via sign language with this comprehensive guide.
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    This babysign app is designed to show you how to sign with your baby. This contains over 300 signs to enable you to communicate with your baby prior to speech.

    Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, we also have footage of our amazing babies using signs in everyday situations.

    The benefits of babysign are manifold so we will tell you just a few:

    • Communicate before your baby can talk using simple easy to learn signs
    • Enhance the bond between you and baby
    • Encourages earlier speech and increases spoken vocabulary
    • Can increase IQ by around 12 points
    • Gives your baby confidence!
    • An added bonus is that the signs are based on British Sign Language so not only will you be learning something fun you will also be learning a new language for yourself.

    We are sure you will be glad you are a babysigner!

    First published: 3rd June 2011
    Duke CE Go! is your everywhere access to the latest from Duke Corporate Education.
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    This App offers free content, updated regularly, plus access to specific program or learning community content for members.

    At the intersection of business and education, Duke CE brings insight, innovation and impact!

    First published: 16th April 2011
    Learn about, create and share Latin squares, one of the most fun areas of advanced mathematics, with this interactive resource.
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    A Latin square is an (n x n) grid of cells. Each cell contains exactly one symbol from the set S = {1, 2, ..., n}. If you look down any column, or across any row of the Latin square, you'll see every symbol precisely once. If you've ever completed a Sudoku puzzle, then you've built a Latin square on the symbols {1, 2, ..., 9}.

    This app provides comprehensive coverage of the field of Latin squares, including:

    • Theory,
    • Books,
    • Journal articles,
    • Unsolved Problems,
    • Notable Latin squares

    It also includes a random Latin square generator (using a Markov chain pioneered by [url=http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/(SICI)1520-6610(1996)4:6%3C405::AID-JCD3%3E3.0.CO;2-J/abstract Jacobson and Matthews' Markov chain] in 1996). You can generate Latin squares for any order up to 11. Once you have generated a square, you can then find transversals that lie within it (if there are any).

    The app will be updated with new content as and when it appears in the community.

    It has been built as a universal iOS app, so it will look good on an iPhone, or an iPad. It also demonstrates a custom class that I built: the CUIHorizontalPickerView.

    Additionally, all of the content, and even the navigation structure, is read in via an API, so the app can be updated without having to pass through Apple's approval process.

    All of the source, which is Objective-C++, is available from my github page.